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David M. Straus
  Title: Professor of Climate Dynamics, George Mason University
  Phone: (703) 993-5719

Dr. David Straus is interested in the dynamics and predictability of atmospheric motions on a wide range of space and time scales. Specific research topics include the role of mid-latitude non-linear internal dynamics in modulating the response to ENSO, the existence and properties of large scale circulation regimes, the mid-latitude forcing of tropical instabilities and tropical intra-seasonal oscillations, and the role of moist heating in altering the geophysical turbulence properties of the atmosphere. Over the past 25 years he has been fortunate enough to collaborate with J. Shukla, Jule Charney, Richard Lindzen and Franco Molteni, among others. He has helped to develop graduate courses at George Mason in the Physical Climate System, the General Circulation of the Atmosphere, and the Predictability of Weather and Climate. He currently serves as Editor for the Journal of Climate.

David received his Ph.D. in theoretical solid state physics from Cornell University in 1977, and his atmospheric science postdoctoral training at M.I.T.

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George Mason University's Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences