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Edwin Schneider
  Title: Chief Scientist
  Phone: (703) 993-5364

Dr. E. K. Schneider, A.B. Harvard College, 1970, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1976.
Senior Research Scientist, COLA; Professor of Climate Dynamics, George Mason University.

Dr. Schneider conducts research on understanding the dynamics of the climate system. Current areas of interest include climate change, low frequency climate variability in the North Atlantic, and ENSO. His publications address topics including tropical atmospheric dynamics; zonally symmetric Hadley circulation; zonally averaged general circulation; properties of large scale midlatitude transience and turbulence; stationary waves; climate variability, climate sensitivity; atmospheric and coupled general circulation modeling of the past, present, and future; stratospheric modeling; ENSO dynamics and prediction; land-climate interactions; atmospheric boundary layer dynamics; ocean mixing; parameterizations of cumulus convection, land surface processes, and sunlight penetration into the ocean; numerical methods; and Martian Great Dust Storms.

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